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How do you care for IAAXIN?

I hope IAAXIN will soon reach its destination and become popular all over the world.

How easy is to be friendly with Ragapriya?

I am a friendly person. So it is easy to attach to me if they want to be a friend.

Which thing irritates you the most?

It irritates me most if someone fights with me for no reason or for silly reasons.

What is your favorite thing other than your career?

I like to sing songs and I love to draw in my free times.

What will make you go crazy?

I feel very happy to roam in the rain which is the most favorite thing for me to do.

Which is your favorite food?

I like to eat fish gravy with rice and Chicken gravy and chilly chicken is also my favorite combo.

Who is your crime partner in your college days?

My best friends Sowmya and Mohana are my crime partners. Because I bunk classes with them and we used to take food items from our friend’s room in the midnight.

Which is your best relaxation place?

My home is the best relaxation place for me. Because nothing can comfort me rather than that.

If invited to a Halloween party, who would you dress like? Why?

I would like to wear costumes like an alien. Because my colleagues used to call me as an alien.



How friendly is she?

She is very friendly even at the first meeting. And she used to talk like a friend we are already known for years.

What do you think about Ragapriya?

She is a typical south Indian girl who cares a lot about her family and surroundings. We will never get bored with her company.

What will you miss in her absence?

She used to play like a kid with our colleagues. That we really miss in her absence.

What character in her admires you?

She always takes care of people around her even they are not that much closer to her.

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