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How do you care for IAAXIN?

IAAXIN is my first career place which is very close to my heart. I wish that could grow immensely high and reach its vision and mission.

Why did you choose this career?

After graduating from college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I somehow found an opportunity here and learned few great things about digital marketing and content writing.

What is your favorite thing other than your career?

Drawing is one of my favorite hobby which I can spend hours and hours to sit and sketch things. I love to decor home by homemade crafts.

Where did you love to live?

My hometown is my all-time favorite place which is a small village in Namakkal district. Its greenish layered atmosphere and people living there was my heaven.

Which is the best part of your life?

Obviously, my school days where I was too immature to understand things around me. My second-year college where I did a lot of funny things that made me so popular in my college.

What will make you go crazy?

Dance and music made me go crazy. I started shaking myself to match the tone I heard.

What kind of people admired you?

People with kindness towards every single person and who handles every worst situation in a very cool manner.

How does Priyanka stand out from others?

I care for people who I used to care from the beginning.

I won’t stop caring once I started caring whatever the situation may be, I always care for them.

Which thing irritates you the most?

I hate some people who change according to the place and person and if something affects my self-respect in front of others.

How do you want to improve your career?

I want to learn and practice more about my work. So that, I can reach a new position in my career life.



 How is Priyanka friendly to others?

She is too friendly and talkative person. And she never gets tired of entertaining us in office.

Which thing that she can’t control doing?

She can’t control talking. It’s her basic characteristic that she can’t stop doing.

What do you want from her to change?

She gets tensed so easily. That is what she wants to change in her.

Is she boring?

No, she is a good partner to work with. But she is a little philosopher.

If Priyanka were to be a celebrity, what would she be famous for?

She would be famous for her high pitch sound. She can speak louder without any microphone.

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