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How do you care for IAAXIN?

IAAXIN is something special to me because it is the place where I started my career. So I wish IAAXIN will reach its goals.

What is the best part about your hometown?

The best part in my hometown is my family and relatives. They all are living near to my home. So I enjoy their company.

Which is your favorite food?

All chicken items and fish fry are the favorite food for me every time.

Who is your boosting partner?

My uncle is the one who boosts me every time I lost my courage.

If invited to a Halloween party, who would you dress like? Why?

I would like to wear minions costumes because it looks prettier than any other cartoons.

Top 3 things that you love to do in your free time:

  • Using mobile phone.
  • Roaming with friends.
  • Eating my favorite food.

What makes you feel proud of yourself?

I don’t take much time to get ready for going. That is the one thing I feel proud of myself.

Which thing irritates you the most?

I don’t like when someone points me to scold when there are no mistakes on my side. It is the most annoying one for me to handle.

What will you do if you were the chief minister of Tamil Nadu?

I will appoint new ministers who are all well educated and care about the people and society. Then I will change the education system as common for all category people without any fees.


Notable for:

She is good at caring and smiling. She used to boost others in their tough time.

What is her nickname?

  • December
  • Foreign girl.

What will make her feel fear?

She is very scared of watching horror movies. And seeing the faces of the ghost even as an image.

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